Task Management

Managing Time-Consuming Tasks So You Don’t Have To

receiving a package

In today’s busy world it seems as though you have less and less time to relax and enjoy all that you have worked for.  Guardian Property Services can manage your day to day tasks in your absence or while you are in Kelowna so that you can indulge in the activities you enjoy the most.  

Grocery shopping so you can come home to a stocked fridge – rather than stopping at the store after a long trip, customers enjoy coming home to a fridge and home stocked with all of their favourite requests

Arranging and overseeing service calls to save you time – Guardian Property Services can arrange and oversee services such as cable, utility and specialty repairs that are notorious for requiring a large window of time

Shipping/receiving packages on your behalf – if you would like to have something delivered to your home or a local store you do not have to wait for a time when you are present

Doing your errands so you can allocate your time elsewhere – when Guardian Property Services performs tasks such as picking up your dry cleaning, banking or getting your oil changed it means you have more time in your busy life to do what is important to you