Vehicle Maintenance

Developing a Maintenance Program to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition

person in driver's seat

Vehicles that are stagnant for long periods of time are at risk for mechanical problems and additional maintenance expense.  Guardian Property Services can perform regular care for your vehicle to ensure that you will not have issues related to neglect upon your return. 

Driving the vehicle to ensure wellbeing – ideally, a car should not only be run on a regular basis but it should also be driven routinely for a long enough time that operating temperature is achieved, ensuring that components are sufficiently exercised

Running vehicles to preserve the battery – after a couple of months of sitting stagnant, a car battery will begin to die – Guardian Property Services can run your vehicle periodically to prevent batteries from draining

Upholding maintenance schedules for longevity – Guardian Property Services can bring your car in for regular maintenance to ensure brakes, oil and other considerations are serviced before problems occur

Putting new fuel in the car intermittently – it does not take long for fuel to degrade when it has been sitting in your tank; it should be refreshed periodically to avoid damage to your vehicle