Finding the right contractor for your job can be a stressful experience. Guardian’s contractors are experienced, reliable and produce high-caliber results.  Whether the project is executed in your absence or while you are in Kelowna, you can expect quality deliverables.

Facilitating the convenience of having projects completed in your absence – having Guardian Property Services supervise your construction project allows the work to be done while you are away without the anxiety of wondering how the project is truly progressing

Helping ensure contractors are staying on schedule – unfortunately, contractors will sometimes take advantage of an absentee homeowner and take more time than is necessary or perform work; Guardian can help keep contractors stay on schedule through frequent visits and reports back to the homeowner

Video conferencing for live views of your project – for a more in-depth look at your project Guardian Property Services can virtually connect you to the property with video conferencing so you can see the work firsthand and ask questions in real time