Security Solutions

Giving You Peace of Mind that Your Home is Safe

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There is a wide array of security solutions from sophisticated alarm and CCTV systems to enhanced lighting techniques that can help protect your home.  Guardian Property Services can work with you to find a solution that fits your unique environment and budget while providing your home with extra layers of protection.

Helping you integrate an alarm or security camera system that works for your home – Guardian Property Services can help integrate a system that is designed to be effective in your particular environment so that your home is consistently protected by cutting edge technology

Exterior illumination to deter against break-ins – installing exterior lights that are motion-activated are often enough of a deterrent to prevent intruders from attempting to break in to a home

Installing high-grade locks or security bars – complex, durable locks can be an effective means for keeping intruders out and in vulnerable areas such as basements security bars on windows are difficult to overcome

Artificial security signs as extra protection – just because you don’t have a dog or a security camera is not within your budget does not mean you cannot advertise it; Guardian Property Services often hangs these signs at their clients’ properties to help protect the premises