Pool & Hot Tub Maintenance

Comprehensive Maintenance to Keep Your Pool and Spa Pristine

pool alongside waterfront

Pools and hot tubs require regular, ongoing maintenance. Guardian Property Services has the expertise and resources to ensure that your pool and hot tub are in peak condition whenever you are ready to use them.  

Hot tub upkeep for year-round use – whether you are present or not, it is important that your hot tub is regularly maintenanced so that it is ready for you to use it when you are ready

Pool maintenance that keeps your pool clear and balanced – Guardian Property Services can develop a maintenance regimen that involves regular testing of your chemical levels and taking the necessary steps to rectify imbalances or other issues 

Managing winterization and seasonal openings – when your pool or hot tub is being closed or opened for the season, Guardian Property Services can arrange openings or closings so that you have one less thing to worry about