Yard Care

Complete Yard Care that Maximizes Your Property’s Potential

Waterfront property with large yard

While you are in Kelowna you should have the ability to enjoy a beautiful, pristine yard – without having to put in hours of labour to appreciate it.  

Maintaining a sense of presence while you are away – allowing grass and plants to become overgrown is not only unsightly but it can make your property vulnerable by exposing it as unoccupied – regular maintenance gives the appearance that your home is inhabited and keeps your proprerty up to neighbourhood standards

Developing a program that is tailored to your landscape – Guardian Property Services’ professionals can develop a yard maintenance program that will protect your yard from destructive natural elements and give it the care it needs to thrive

Completing large-scale landscape projects to enhance aesthetics – whether constructing a retaining wall or designing and implementing a property-wide initiative, Guardian Property Services has a highly-qualified team that can help you achieve the yard you have always wanted