Interior Solutions

Ensuring Wellbeing and Meeting Your Insurance Company’s House Check Requirements

The primary concern of most homeowners and insurance companies is that something will go wrong with the home while it is unoccupied, resulting in damage to the home itself and the belongings within.

Regular checks of the home can identify issues before they escalate into disastrous problem

Monitoring Critical Systems to Avoid Disastrous Consequences

Fulfilling insurance requirements

Regular flushing of pipes to avoid sewer gas buildup – leaving pipes stagnant for even a few weeks can result in sewer gas buildup, toilets should be flushed and taps should be run frequently to avoid P-trap evaporation, which allows sewer gas into your home

Maintaining optimal temperature levels – if an HVAC system is not functioning properly utility costs can become costly, floors can become warped, or freezing can occur, which can cause mold in the floors and walls

Responding to major issues to control damage – unfortunately, issues such as a burst pipe, electrical

malfunction or leak in a roof do occur whether you are home or not; Guardian Property Services can identify these issues through frequent house checks and begin the restoration process on your behalf

Checking alarm systems to ensure functionality – alarm systems require intermittent battery changes to avoid interruptions in protection and alarms must be armed correctly in order for them to operate as intended

Regular House Check Actions Taken to Preserve the Wellbeing of the Property

Bursting Pipe

Check of all door and window locks to ensure the home’s security – as Guardian Property Services performs a thorough check of the house they check that all of the window and door locks are secure                                 

Inspection of every room within the house – during every house check Guardian Property Services will check every room within the house to identify any abnormalities

Identifying signs of mold or mildew – catching these problems before they perpetuate is critical; Guardian Property Services looks for signs of mold and mildew to stop it before it escalates

Exploration of abnormal odours – even something as simple as forgetting garbage in the house can invite a host of problems such as an infestation

Customizable Services to Meet Your Individual Needs

Handling of time-sensitive mail – Guardian Property Services can inform you of any important mail and forward on or scan and email any correspondence on demand

Plant watering and care – rest assured that your flower beds, garden or house plants will be cared for so that you can enjoy them when you return

Package receiving so you don’t have to wait – whether you receive a package in the mail that requires pick-up from the post office or require someone to receive a delivery, Guardian Property Services can make sure your package is delivered to your home

Providing pets with the care they deserve – we get to know your pet and understand his specific needs so that you do not have to worry about his well-being while you are away

Overseeing service appointments on your behalf –  whether meeting the cable company or overseeing a major home renovation, Guardian Property Services can arrange and supervise service appointments and even video stream live for your peace of mind