Snow Removal

Reliable Snow Removal – Creating a Sense of Presence While You are Gone and Making Life Easier While You are Here

truck with snow plow

A driveway with an accumulation of snow is a telltale sign that nobody is home, making the house a target for break-ins. Guardian Property Services can make sure your driveway is clear – whether you are home or not – protecting your house and making your life easier.

Facade of occupancy during light dustings of snow – when there is a small amount of snow that does not require a removal, Guardian Property Services can create tire tracks and clear a path to the house to make it appear as though you are home

Customized snow removal plan in your absence – while you are gone you can rest assured that snow will be removed from your property when a certain amount of snowfall occurs and that it will be removed

Timely snow removal when you are present – when an accumulation of snow occurs, you can depend on Guardian Property Services to have your home cleared of snow from the specified areas, saving you the time and hassle