Exterior Solutions

Peace of Mind that Your Property is Protected from the Elements

Although keeping the interior of your home protected is critical, the exterior should not be overshadowed.  Manyproblems that afflict homes begin outside of the house and can be controlled if detected early.

Defending your property from natural forces

marmot in a cage

Ridding your property of destructive animals–  pestilent animals can cause immense damage to your property and can potentially burrow into your home; Guardian Property Services can humanely rid your property of animals and help prevent their return

Thwarting insect infestations – whether using preventive sprays or managing an insect problem that has manifested, Guardian Property Services can stop insects from damaging plant life and your home

Discovering and repairing storm damage – following a storm or major winds Guardian Property Services will assess exterior elements of your property such as the roof and shutters and repair any issues in your absence

Identifying illegal activity so that appropriate measures can be taken to enhance security

Recognizing attempted forced entry– inspecting the exterior of your home can reveal attempted break-ins through signs such as damage to windows or doors that cannot be seen from the inside

Awareness of vandalism and trespassing – Guardian Property Services looks for evidence of trespassing or vandalism so that the proper steps can be taken to make your property more secure

Theft recognition – valuable possessions such as watercrafts, sporting equipment and decorative items that are stored outside are vulnerable to theft; Guardian Property Services checks to make sure your assets are safe