Cleaning Services

Meticulous Cleaning Services So You Can Enjoy Your Home to the Fullest

Woman vacuuming

After being away for an extended period of time there is no better feeling than returning to a spotless home.  And once you are here in the Okanagan, having your home professionally cleaned on a regular basis allows you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy.  

Deep cleanings for an inviting welcome home – when a home has been sitting stagnant over a period of weeks or months dust and insects will accumulate; Guardian Property Services can ensure that you are coming home to a fresh,  clean house so you can settle in immediately

Regular cleaning to maintain an immaculate home without the hassle – when you are at your home in Kelowna you should be able to enjoy the pleasures of the Okanagan instead of being consumed by vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms; a regular cleaning schedule allows you to maintain the immaculate home you want without having to put in the hours of effort

Window, carpet and specialty cleaning to keep your home sparkling – Guardian Property Services can provide professional-grade cleaning for elements such as windows, carpets, upholstry or any other specialty surface