Appearance of Occupancy

Creating the Façade that You Never Left

tire tracks in snow

A home that is markedly unoccupied is vulnerable to break-ins.  Fortunately, Guardian Property Services can take certain steps to create the appearance that someone is home, causing burglars to move on to easier targets. 

Creating snow patterns that indicate you’re home – several sets of fresh tire tracks and a path to the doorway tell observers that you were just home and will be back soon

Complete snow removal during accumulations – Guardian Property Services can put you on a schedule so that when a certain amount of snow accumulates your driveway will be completely cleared

Installing light timers that perpetuate your schedule – automatic light timers can be set to make it appear that you are turning your lights on and off at regular times; Guardian Property Services can adjust the times to enhance authenticity

Newspaper/flier removal to avoid accrual – even two to three newspapers on your driveway can be evidence of your absence, during every visit Guardian Property Services will remove any fliers or papers to keep your driveway and doorstep clear